Trio Packs 3oz
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Trio Packs 3oz


Product Type: Infused Honey

Sweet Sunrise--This healthy combo makes your mornings the best part of the day! Each jar contains organic spices such as Ceylon Cinnamon, ginger, and our beautiful classic RAW honey. This trio is a great complement for your cereal, pancakes, toast or to sweeten your favorite coffee or tea. Let's start the day off right ;)

Rich & Smooth--This exotic Caribbean combination of cacao and organic coffee from the North of our island, along with our classic RAW honey provide the natural energy that your body needs. Enjoy them with your waffles, cereal, on ice cream, or use them to sweeten coffee, tea, or vegan milk.

Hot & Spicy--Ohhhh wow! This fiery combination of chipotle, jalapeño, along with our classic RAW honey brings on the smoke, heat, and the sweet. Give these at try with a variety of meats, on nuts, salads, cheeses or as a drizzle across popcorn for a fun twist.