Mission, Vision, & Story


We believe that it’s important to have a strong connection to our planet, nature, our community and the people around us. That’s exactly how Little Island Honey was started and has grown to be what it is today. Our collaborative spirit, love of nature, and Caribbean roots play an enormous role in how our company is run and how our honey is made. The results....the best tasting and health-rewarding honey out there! Try it for yourself! If we continue to support each other and produce goods in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to the planet we will all benefit in the long run.

Our Story

Here at Little Island Honey, we love nature. We’re from the Dominican Republic and love being outside. You can find us in the mountains, on the beach, in the waves or anywhere we can enjoy the fresh air of our Little Island. This love of nature has inpired us to provide the best honey possible!  

This passion for nature, married with Jonatan's interest and curiosity for bees, mixed with our adventurous spirits, led us to invest all our savings into bees and we've never looked back! We are excited to provide beautiful, delicious honey that is made by working symbiotically with bees - in a conscious and respectful way. We knew this was our calling. It was meant to bee!

Here at Little Island Honey, we don't treat bees like a means to an end, but instead as our equal partners. We know that in order for our business to thrive, our bees need to be happy, healthy, and taken care of. That's why, although more difficult and costly for us, we have an undying commitment to produce pesticide-free, environmentally-friendly honey and our bees love us for it! 

We're a social bunch too, so once the honey started flowing, our neighbors, friends, and family started getting drowned in it - which is what led to our famous, unique flavored infused honeys. We created an experimental kitchen mixing unique flavors like cinnamon and jalapeño into our honey, and invited family and friends to be our taste testers. Their feedback and willingness to participate is what led to the delicious development of the various one-of-a-kind Little Island Honey flavors. 

We are happy to share the beautiful Caribbean and our Little Island Honey with the world. Little Island Honey oozes with the fresh air and fun flavors of the Dominican Republic, giving you a RAW, pure, and creatively produced batch of honey with a bundle of health-benefits. We hope you enjoy our Dominican honey as much as we enjoy making it!