Meet The Team


We’ve taken our mentality of collaboration and sustainability right into our test kitchen. We are always looking for new, fun, innovative and delicious combinations. We work closely with our community to source as many local ingredients to infuse into our honey. We have been blessed to work alongside a friendly, positive, and passionate group of people in the Dominican. This energy has helped develop our unique style of honey.

We are proud to provide customers with artisanal, carefully crafted honey infused with local ingredients. Our honey is full of health benefits that make our customer's lives that much sweeter!

(CEO & Founder)

Jonatan is native of the Dominican Republic. He has lived and worked throughout most of the island, from the mountains of Constanza to urban sprawl of Santo Domingo, and currently on the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana with his family. Jonatan received his degree in education and philosophy from UCSD; going on to teach for 11 years. Beekeeping was always a passion and hobby for Jonatan, and after completing his MBA in Finance he turned that passion for bees into his life’s work. Jonatan believes in the purity and power of the honey bee and the health benefits that RAW honey can provide. With the honey bee and nature as partners, Jonatan creates a harmonious and tasty existence through his Little Island Honey products for all to enjoy.

(Marketing & Sales Manager)

Lori Bobak, a native mid westerner (with a Little east coast influence), turned Dominican and became a bee lover in 2014 while working in the Dominican Republic in education. Although her day job consists of inspiring children as an elementary school principal in Cap Cana, she stays connected to nature, conservation, and bee products though the work she does with the Little Island Honey Company. She is always excited to work with flavor combinations & creating new products, keeping it raw and finding the most natural products for our company and her family!


Matteo, or as we call him, "The protector of the land and bees", assists with land maintenance, bee relocation, and provides support whenever he is needed! He frequently arrives with a machete in hand to clear the path to work with the hives. Matteo also has a knack for flavor combinations. He has been known to assist with creating flavor infusions, taste testing, as well as promoting and delivering these lovely products. At the end of the day, Matteo ultimately enjoys consuming copious amounts of Pumpkin Spice honey, his creation and favorite infusion!


Ms. Maila Rose, or as we refer to her, “Our little, little” is the “Little” of the Little Island Honey Company. She is a fierce protector of the bees and believes that petting bees and taking them for walks in her baby stroller is essential to keeping them happy and loved. She, and her unicorn, Joe, are the providers of love and care for all bees and flowers. Her most requested flavors are orange or classic honey over strawberries!